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Is AI the Answer For Data Centre Cooling?

November 15, 2022

Servers in data centres generate a substantial amount of heat, which must be removed to keep those servers running. One of the most challenging problems for data centres is cooling and the vast amount of energy used to achieve it.

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But let’s delve into the next phase of technology and the future. We already use it in our everyday lives, but AI (Artificial Intelligence) could also be the smart solution to data centres’ cooling problem, shrinking energy bills and their carbon footprint. Gartner predicts that the early adoption of AI will separate data centres of the future from those destined to be left in the past.

How Can AI be Applied to Cooling Data Centres?




We’ve reached an exciting new era in AI technology, which can easily be used to predict cooling and heating trends to make intelligent and informed decisions on energy consumption.

By introducing AI and machine learning to data centres, real-time and dynamic data can pinpoint exactly where and what to cool and by how much.

AI can intuitively reduce the speed of cooling units that are being underused while increasing the effort on units that are overloaded; or if one server is off, AI can divert and focus cooling systems towards other servers.

In addition, to ensure the optimum temperature is maintained without overcooling, AI can account for outside temperature and humidity. Constant monitoring and maintenance of cooling systems allows the appropriate amount of cooling to be applied precisely and accurately, reducing energy costs.

next-generation DCIM that contains AI can optimise an entire data centre space to take advantage of weather conditions. Taking into account small and large changes in operations to ensure the most effective use of power is in place, it could revolutionise energy usage.

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AI is Already Being Used in Google’s Data Centres




You may have heard that Google has already applied AI in their data centres to achieve a reduction in the amount of energy they use for cooling by up to 40%. Using a system of neural networks trained on different operating scenarios within their data centres to predict the future temperature and pressure, they created an adaptive framework that understands the dynamics of their data centres, entirely optimising their energy efficiency.

Industrial giant Siemens reported that machine learning enables cooling systems to adjust their output in real-time as IT loads change, matching facility cooling needs to the cooling output.

If all large industries, including data centres, could apply this groundbreaking technology just think of the difference we could make to the environment, energy costs and efficiency!

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What is Next for AI?




With developments in AI technology, we are getting ever closer to optimum efficiency, which is just incredible. Taking the next step and using AI and machine learning to save energy we could ultimately address the larger climate change issue.

Staffing issues could be resolved as using AI for cooling minimises the need to have staff on site, allowing employees to be assigned to other vital tasks.

Through the integration of intelligent AI technology with dynamic, user-friendly DCIM we can achieve the ultimate combination. AI on its own can only go so far but to accurately and fully optimise data centres’ cooling efficiency it needs to be paired with smart, cutting-edge DCIM.

Any data centre can take advantage and reform their business, saving costs, time and wasted energy. Book in a free demo with us today to see what our DCIM can do for you.