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Case Study

The Client

One of the largest NHS trusts in the UK, managing over 2.6 million patients a year and with an annual turnover of £1.6 billion. Home to the largest dental school in Europe and a £160 million Cancer Centre with in excess of 17,100 staff and 26,500 critical plant and M&E assets.

The Issue

The client required an essential 20-year cost forecast for maintaining, repairing and replacing critical building infrastructure assets. Existing data sources were found to be unreliable and an accurate and up-to-date condition survey was crucial to ensure business continuity and compliance.

Our Solution

Assetspire’s intelligent Spire™ cloud platform was the perfect solution to enable a standardised inventory of all infrastructure assets and an intelligent, all-seeing live reporting system.

We conducted an audit of 26,500 assets using Assetspire technology and completed population of over 26,000 individual locations and spaces across the client’s sites. The Spire™ platform enabled a rapid survey of a large quantity of assets, ensuring data accuracy. Live reporting was made immediately available to enable planning and management across the campus sites, including critical plant, machinery and building fabric.

The Result

With complete confidence in the 100% accuracy of the Spire™ platform, the client is now able to instantly see all the data they need and manage all assets, all in one place. The creation of a unique product library means standardisation of assets is easier, resulting in quicker entry, more accuracy and faster validation audits. For our client, the ability to populate and maintain a completely accurate Spire™ platform is a huge step forward. For every Spire™ governed asset, the level of detail available transforms their understanding and control of their business.

The Spire™ platform enables the client to maintain their coveted CyberGuard Compliance rating as well as being GS1 compliant. The client is able to generate a report in seconds, ensuring CGC standards are completely met.

Our highly visual interface means that the client can now easily and immediately manage and optimise their assets in real time. Any servicing or maintenance needs on site can be tracked and outcomes remotely verified. Critical part levels are monitored and appropriate quantities held in stock, and spending for maintaining site critical infrastructure can be accurately forecast.

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