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Property Management

Manage buildings and locations with ease..

The Spire™ platform provides a visual representation through a map view using geo-coordinates to quickly visualise where your properties are and logically group them for fast filtering. Differentiating between office locations, retail stores, cellular towers/mast sites, sub-stations, data centres and other sites easily and managing vast quantities of buildings across any geographic area is made simple using the system’s visualisation. Manage maintenance, lease details, dilapidations, building condition, fixed assets and get alerts on lease expiry or other important data points to provide an intuitive, property management solution. Store local contacts, documentation and certification including photos for fast and easy access.

Planned, Preventative, Maintenance (PPM)

Setup, maintain, track, and manage PPM across all locations

Setting up planned, preventative maintenance tasks against assets is made simple in the Spire™ platform by categorising this against the manufacturer and product in the centralised product library. With the ability to integrate with SFG20 and CIBSE asset life expectancy details, maintenance routines can be set up and managed within the Spire™ platform. With a live dashboard view of periodic tickets and the ability to get alerts on tickets falling due or overdue, the platform helps maintain accurate data around PPM.

Data Centre & Technical Space Management

Providing standardised and accurate data through change management

With floor plans, rack elevations, connectivity maps and device management, the Spire™ platform provides a single pane of glass to operationally manage and control your data centre spaces. Integrated with change management systems (CMS) and central management databases (CMDB), the Spire™ platform provides an intuitive inventory and day-to-day operations and management platform. With a true ‘golden source’ of information, data accuracy can be maintained across large, complex sites.

Enabling optimisation through capacity and utilisation reports and visualisers, the Spire™ platform drives optimum efficiency within all critical technical spaces.

Fully Customised Customer Portal

Custom portal for service requests, live status updates and more…

The Spire™ platform can be fully white labelled giving you an ‘off the shelf’ customer portal for complete visibility of areas, racks and devicesA service request portal enabling management and tracking of rack and stack services, moves, additions, changes and reboots with live service status updates providing full visibility of environments, reducing the need for on-site visits.

With a full audit trail, the platform will easily send customer billing reports to your billing platform ensuring complete accuracy..

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