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Case Study

The Client

Our client – a leading academy – comprises a secondary school, sixth form campus and further education college, offering a modern approach to student education. They boast more than 1,650 students at each campus, a proportion of which are students from overseas.

Our client has two campuses in Northern Ireland, each consisting of multiple buildings and 404 rooms and spaces. In total they manage in excess of 11,500 assets.

The Issue

Previous experiences with asset management systems resulted in expensive costs and poor results. Multiple stand-alone platforms and spreadsheets used to track different asset types, compliance and maintenance, meant that the client faced high operating costs and inefficiencies, with inadequate results and no cross-platform visibility.

This lack of accurate data meant a reduced ability to make decisions and no maintenance tracking results in poorly maintained equipment. There was no capability to forecast costs to maintain, repair and replace assets across multiple academy departments.

Our Solution

Assetspire provided the client with our intelligent Spire™ cloud platform solution and we were able to track and live-report on all their fixed furniture and equipment, giving real-time visibility of all assets across the academy.

An audit of 11,500 assets was undertaken and verified using Assetspire’s own smart technology. Accurate floor plans and photographs for each individual building and room were generated, enabling easy orientation in the Spire™ platform.

Siloed products and spreadsheets were converted to our intuitive platform, allowing any asset type to be captured whether static, mobile, moving or flowing.

The main campus provided ideal opportunities to capture, monitor and live-report on all asset types; from furniture, buildings and contents to maintaining sports equipment, and even engineering department machinery.

The Result

By shifting from inefficient, siloed asset management to Spire™, our innovative, intelligent cloud-based platform solution, the client can now take advantage of real-time reporting and monitoring, generating a report covering any compliance conditions in seconds.

Cost-reduction opportunities and resource efficiency means better asset management. Servicing and maintenance can be tracked on site and outcomes verified remotely, while asset stock levels can be maintained as appropriate.

The Spire™ platform enables the client to populate and maintain a completely accurate product library to standardise their assets, in this case consisting of 650 product types, 182 manufacturers and 35 unique categories.

The client is now able to quickly assess if they need to replace old or inefficient assets to save on costly repairs; see at a glance whether assets are reaching their full potential and ensure everything, everywhere is operating at maximum efficiency.

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