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Energy Management

The Spire™ platform provides a perfect place to view your energy consumption, utility management and accurate visibility of this over time to project trends. By integrating the Spire™ platform with building management system (BMS), environmental monitoring solutions and any metered data that is available to collect, the Spire™ platform provides top down and granular level energy management.

Power Management

Energy & Cost Optimisation

Providing accurate data from multiple monitored sources, the Spire™ platform provides live visibility of consumption at an estate, regional, building or even room level. Helping to reduce risk of outages by having complete visibility of consumption data, whilst trending historic data enables easy planning for future use. You can see at a glance what your capacity is, what your current and past utilisation is and manage what sources of energy this is from.

By monitoring source utility you are able to immediately understand what renewable energy sources are being used to help track your sustainability and global impact.

Systems Integration

Prevent siloed data – vendor agnostic integration

Our intelligent solution prevents siloed data across multiple departments. For example, in the facilities industries, IT or procurement, the Spire™ platform is easily integrated with existing central management databases (CMDB’s) and change management systems to provide a centralised view of all assets, across all departments. Replication of data entry is prevented, helping drive standardisation and efficiency within your organisation.

The Spire™ platform is commonly used as a ‘smart-hub’ for centralising smart monitoring solution data from IOT devices and networked equipment, either by using vendor API’s or connecting by simple network, management, protocol (snmp) or modbus methods.

Smart Business Analytics

Custom dynamic dashboards & reports

With the ability to build custom dashboards for role-based access, management can have a single view of top level data, whilst still providing a more granular data view for operations teams to manage and maintain site efficiency.

With modern visualisation, trend charts and business intelligence dashboards, the Spire™ platform not only enables intuitive data collection and management but also a quick method to view the important data, however you want it. We understand the importance of accurate data, but we also understand every company and user requirements for viewing data are all different – the Spire™ platform has the customisation abilities to match any requirement.

Monitor, Manage, Improve

3DCIM Setting the Standards

The 3DCIM solution, bringing together the Spire™ platform and the Ekkosense solution, enables thermal optimisation and machine learning algorithms that can predict potential problems before they transpire.

With real-time thermal optimisation and mechanical and electrical (M&E) capacity management integrated into one single intuitive platform, savings of 30% are typically produced in energy reduction; the 3DCIM solution provides a genuine return on investment in under 12 months.

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