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Data Centre Audit

Data Standards Workshop

Setting the Standards for Data Centre Asset Management

Our data centre inventory service starts with a Data Standards Workshop. This workshop walks through ‘Best Practise’ for setting naming conventions, standardising asset data capture, and ensuring all optional data attributes that can be collected during an audit are understood. Format and standards are documented and agreed, producing a company standards document that can be followed by the audit team and internal staff.

The workshop also enables review of existing or complimentary data sources that could expedite or enhance the collection process.

Wall-to-wall Audit Service

Accurate data, efficiently collected, immediate visibility

The data centre audit service starts with building out an accurate floor plan, ensuring size of the room is accurately represented. Then the audit team add all floor mounted equipment into the software, racks, storage arrays, CRAC units andPDU’s to depict an exact footprint, which is represented within the Spire™ platform. Once this has been checked, rack mounted devices (RMD) will all be audited, capturing all assets front, rear, on side rails and on top or below racks.

RMD’s are audited to exact ‘u position’ and all data attributes are collected, including manufacturer/model, serial numbers (through barcode scanning) and host names.

Connectivity Audits

Power & network connectivity audits

If you are looking to manage capacity from a power or network port perspective, then our connectivity audits can deliver fast insights into your current capacity. With options around auditing which ports are used/free or full port to port connectivity audits, there are many options available to gain quick, accurate visibility of your power or network infrastructure.

Instantly identify single points of failure and access immediate reports that highlight risks within your facilities. The Assetspire connectivity audit provides fast, accurate data to help you plan and de-risk your data centre rooms.

Annual Validation Compliance Audits

Periodic Light touch audits – true up data accuracy

If you have a level of accurate data, but require help cleansing and validating asset information that may have slipped through correct process, our validation audits are the service for you. With 1D/2D barcode technology our Light Touch validation audits enable quick, simple validation of existing asset data and reports to be generated, highlighting asset data that needs updating, closing the loop on assets changing outside of due process.

If you want to learn the process and maintain the data yourself, we provide training by our experts, including auditor shadowing, so you can confidently manage your data accuracy in-house.

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