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Colocation Data Centres

Reduce Risk of Downtime

Planned, Preventative, Management (PPM) scheduling & monitoring

Time and money are soon wasted when colocation data centre staff don’t have full visibility of all assets and can react, and solve, downtime disasters rapidly. The longer systems are offline, the more problems that are created further down the line.

Only by knowing precisely how all assets at your colocation data centre are performing and being able to pinpoint issues the moment they occur can you effectively manage downtime risk, and, more importantly, bounce back from downtime disasters.

Risks can be identified rapidly, accelerating response times and with enhanced capabilities, next-gen DCIM delivers almost prescient powers to predict outages before they happen.

The user-configurable Spire™ product library makes maintenance scheduling a breeze. With maintenance intervals set at product level, setting up and managing PPM schedules is simple.

Through our intuitive IOS/Android apps, maintenance staff can receive tickets and get alerts for maintenance tasks, arming them with accurate product information, maintenance manuals and service history.

DCIM ensures PPM tasks are completed faster, and live tracked with our live audit trail, improving your colocation data centre’s efficiency and securing uptime.

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White labelled Customer Portal

Custom portal for service requests, live status updates and more…

Spire™, an innovative and intelligent cloud-based platform solution, created from the best asset management capturing software available, hosted on a platform capable of universal asset control, can be fully white labelled giving you an ‘off the shelf’ customer portal for overall visibility of customers areas, racks and devices at your colo data centre.

A service request portal facilitates management and tracking of rack and stack services, moves additions, changes and reboots with live service status updates providing your customers a window into their environments while reducing the need for on-site visits.

With a full audit trail, the Spire™ platform will easily send customer billing reports to your billing platform ensuring accuracy and saving valuable time.

And here’s the best part – while other asset management companies charge per colocation site or location, with us, you only pay per user and can register unlimited assets, meaning your costs remain the same, no matter how many locations you have.

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Data Centre Colocation Live Monitoring

Integration into existing monitoring systems for live view

From the mundane to the obscure, we have managed trees, water, licences & power. However, in the unlikely event that you have an asset we have not already managed, Spire™ is designed to allow you to create your own unique tracking details.

Integrating Spire™, with your building management system (BMS), power monitoring solutions, environmental monitoring solutions and security systems helps create an immersive view with complete live data of your facility, in an entirely user-friendly format.

Separate silos for each individual asset class are now obsolete. A single overview of all your assets, wherever and whatever they are, throughout your entire enterprise and across all your locations removes the need for logging into siloed solutions.

Our vendor agnostic platform gives you the power to see everything in one place and truly have your finger on the pulse.

Dashboards & Reporting

Critical Dashboards, scheduled reports and alerting – fully configurable

The Spire™ platform provides out-of-the-box functionality to create custom dynamic dashboards and reports, while periodic auto scheduling reports are sent automatically, preventing any delays.

With push-notifications and email alerts, threshold breaches can be acted upon before they become problems.

Live and trending data across all facilities and assets, the Spire™ platform provides invaluable insight into your colocation data centre.

And for extra ease of use, Spire™’s intuitive and intelligent mobile companion app for live, on-site capture gives you complete control. Spire™ can be installed onto any number of mobile devices, enabling you to carry your asset data with you and review it from anywhere, anytime.

Plan And Optimise For A More Sustainable Future

The most efficient way to collect and maintain accurate data

Every business owner has felt the pain of increasing operational costs, data centre and colocation data centre businesses are at the heart of this, especially when it comes to rising energy costs.

With years of experience in the field, we understand how crucially important having a DICM solution that actually works for your business is for not only the day-to-day running of your company today, but the potential of your business tomorrow.

By truly optimising your colocation data centre space through efficiency-driving smart software such as Spire™ or 3DCIM, gaining a holistic view over all your operations, you can reduce energy costs, increase capacity growth, reduce operating overheads, improve power use, fully utilise existing equipment and improve sustainability.

100% Control Over Your Colocation Data Centre

This isn’t DCIM software – this is DCIM software that works

Our pioneering vision for DCIM software means that we have developed a genuinely game-disrupting software that is revolutionising the way businesses use next-generation DCIM.

Our solutions are not just next-generation, they’re future-generation.

Assetspire’s software solutions offer full flexibility, full integration with your existing systems and on-point, fully accurate data when and wherever you need it.

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