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Relocation & Storage

Asset Check in/out Tracking

Free smartphone apps for easy asset tracking

With 12 years’ experience of auditing, our smartphone audit apps create an intuitive process for collecting and maintaining accurate data on the go. With our check in/check out process, a user can easily check out or assign assets to a new location or individual user in seconds, maintaining a full audit trail of every action completed.

Scan barcodes and take condition photos, all from your smartphone – and if required, collect and maintain signatures for goods received for a complete end-to-end solution to tracking and managing asset movement.

Live Asset Movement Tracking

Live asset status updates, map view

The Spire™ platform integrates with live trackers to enable an enhanced method of live tracking asset movement. Set up perimeters to get alerts on assets that move outside chosen areas and receive push notifications or email alerts when assets arrive, move out of set perimeters. A live dashboard of assets in transit shows delivery status or when received to a new location.

Additionally, live trackers can be used for local, regional, or global tracking of assets ensuring location information is automatically and accurately updated whenever an asset moves.

Move Planning

Plan, manage, execute asset movement

The Spire™ platform enables and ensures accuracy in all phases of the move planning process. Initial inventory and collection of data using the Spire™ smartphone apps, then planning a move using the Spire™ core platform and executing and tracking progress throughout the relocation process, from existing locations, in transit and onto the final destination means you retainlive visibility of the project status throughout the relocation cycle.

Easy scanning of asset barcodes to check assets on and off vehicles ensures complete visibility of what you have, and exactly where it is during the move process.

Light Touch Validation

Periodic asset validation made simple

The Spire™ mobile apps boast a unique function called Light Touch. Light Touch enables a user to enter into a scanning mode, allowing the user to start scanning assets in a location to validate the existence of all assets and pick up issues where assets may have been moved and data not updated.

The Light Touch function enables full audit trail visibility for compliance procedures and accurate reports can easily be generated. Moves,additions, and change quantities are picked up, highlighting asset transits that have slipped through daily change processes, to help rectify and improve management.

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