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Complex Technical Space Management

Data centres, network rooms, labs and more…

The Spire™ platform provides floor plans, rack elevations and full connectivity management for power and network connectivity within technical spaces. From Data Centres to network rooms and edge compute facilities, all technical spaces require a solution to accurately visualise what racks, servers and equipment you have, their exact locations (down to the ‘u’ position) and departmental ownership. Spire™ provides a true digital twin of your facilities to enable space, power, cooling and connectivity capacity management and allows you to collect and maintain critical asset data with our intuitive IOS/Android apps.

Financial Reporting

Asset financial management & planning

With the ability to attribute costs at product level for purchase/replacement,service, maintenance, cleaning, and expenditure, the Spire™ platform provides the ability to forecast and plan spending for all education assets. With a clear and reactive view of asset utilisation, budgets can be accurately assessed for additional purchase requirements by understanding which assets are being utilised, where and by which departments and users. Forecasts and budgeting can be based on accurate, actual data, preventing unnecessary waste and stock sitting in unknown locations.

Asset Tracking Made Simple

Easy inventory and asset tracking for all assets

Whether you are managing furniture, laptops, fridges or fire extinguishers, the Spire™ platform provides a standardised, intuitive process for collecting and maintaining accurate inventory data. With ‘quick add’ functions for adding multiple of the same assets, the smartphone apps make initial audit and ongoing validation a breeze. With user defined custom fields you can collect, and manage the data that’s important to you, in the format you require.

Conduct quick validation audits or annual inventory checks with our Light Touch feature. Apply barcodes or scan existing codes, reducing human error and increasing efficiency with speedy data capture.

Planned, Preventative, Maintenance (PPM)

Setup, maintain, track and manage PPM across all locations

Setting up planned, preventative maintenance tasks against assets is made simple in the Spire™ platform by catagorising against the manufacturer and product in the centralised product library. With the ability to integrate with SFG20 and CIBSE asset life expectancy details, maintenance routines can be set up and managed within the Spire™ platform.

With a live dashboard view of periodic tickets and the ability to get alerts of tickets falling due or overdue, the platform helps maintain accurate data around PPM.

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