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Property Management

Property Management

Manage buildings and locations with ease..

The Spire™ platform provides a visual representation through map view using geo-coordinates to quickly visualise where your properties are and logically group them for fast filtering. Managing vast quantities of buildings across any geographic area is made simple using the system’s visualisation capabilities.

Manage maintenance, lease details, dilapidations, building condition, fixed assets and get alerts on lease expiry or other important data points to provide a completely intuitive, property management solution.

Smart Building Solutions

Smart hub for converging smart building solutions

With the rise in smart building solutions covering everything from security, fire prevention, building management systems, building occupancy and environmental monitoring, the Spire™ intelligent platform helps converge all data and overlay it onto the building asset level data for a truly immersive experience.

Removing siloed data enables information to be overlayed and important, live metrics are reported on, to enable operating and managing buildings with a smarter, more intuitive approach.

Fixed Asset Tracking

Easy inventory and asset tracking for all assets

Whether you are managing furniture, laptops, fridges or fire extinguishers, the Spire™ platform provides a standardised, intuitive process for collecting and maintaining accurate inventory data.

With ‘quick add’ functions for adding multiple of the same assets, the smartphone apps make initial audit and ongoing validation a breeze. With user defined custom fields, you can collect and manage the data that’s important to you, in the format you require.

Building Condition & Maintenance

Plan, track and manage property maintenance

Setting up planned, preventative maintenance tasks against a building or asset is made simple with Spire™. Coupled with the ability to integrate with SFG20 and CIBSE asset life expectancy details, maintenance routines can be set up and managed within the Spire™ platform.

With a live dashboard view of periodic tickets and the ability to alert of tickets falling due or overdue the platform helps maintain accurate data around building and property maintenance.

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