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Intelligent and reactive asset and data management systems to help your business thrive.

Assetspire is dedicated to provide better software to revolutionise the way asset management systems are run and used. We believe data management should be reactive, adaptable and reliable while staying user friendly and accurate.

Designed and built using years of expertise, our intelligent solutions and smart partnerships empower businesses to make strategic decisions and save costs, time and wasted energy


We truly believe that the days of outdated and cumbersome Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) systems are numbered – and Assetspire have developed the next-gen answer.

Introducing Spire™ – an innovative, intelligent cloud-based platform solution, created from the best asset management capturing software available, hosted on a platform capable of universal asset control.


Put simply, 3DCIM is Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) finally done properly. Bringing together the expertise of two industry leaders, Assetspire has partnered with EkkoSense to create an intuitive and integrated alternative to traditional DCIM; finally providing a solution to many of its long-held limitations and issues. Get instant access to the data you need with intelligent visual management, while reducing your business costs and risks.