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Healthcare Asset Management

Increase efficiency, reduce cost, utilise assets

With fully customisable cross-platform mobile apps, the Spire™ system enables role specific procedures with a simple-to-use process for all users. Enabling fast accurate data collection of all healthcare assets, Spire™ standardises data for uniformity and accurate reporting whilst providing live visibility of asset stock control, condition and utilisation. Waste is prevented, ensuring spend is focused on assets that are used and not stock piled and hidden away.

Stock Control

Live stock management with alerts

The Spire™ platform enables live stock control for all assets with a simple barcode check in/check out function to maintain stock levels quickly and easily. With GS1 compliant tagging, the Spire™ platform can also generate automated low stock level alerts, provide visibility of stock that has short shelf life remaining and reactive reports can detail and show trends and spend on asset types over time to help with future budget planning.

Real-time visibility of what assets you have, where they are and how they are being utilised provides invaluable insight into department and specific asset spend.

Reducing Risk

Tracking cleaning, maintenance & calibration of assets

Locations and assets can be accurately tracked and cleaning, maintenance and calibration are all easily managed by the Spire™ platform. With our lightweight ticketing solution; periodic cleaning, maintenance and calibration can be set up against each individual product (manufacturer/model of asset) at the product library level and pushed to all corresponding assets,simplifying setup and management.

Live track all cleaning, maintenance and calibration tickets and get alerts on any overdue actions, preventing the risk of taking locations or assets out of service or cancelling procedures.

Balancing the books

Financial management & Planning

With the ability to attribute a purchase or replacement cost and service, maintenance, cleaning and calibration expenditure at product level, the Spire™ platform provides the ability to forecast and plan costs to maintain, repair and replace all healthcare assets across a trust

With a clear and reactive view of asset utilisation, budgets can be accurately assessed for additional purchase requirements by understanding which assets are being utilised, where and by which department or users. Importantly, forecasts and budgeting can be based on accurate, actual data, preventing waste and eliminating unused stock sitting in unknown locations.

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