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Facilities Management

Full Lifecycle Asset & Building Management

Accurate Data enabling cost and efficiency savings

Managing building and critical infrastructure asset lifecycle is dependent on accurate asset data, providing a complete view of what buildings and assets you have; where they are, their age, their condition and when they were last maintained.

The Spire™ platform, with intuitive IOS/Android apps, provides an audit platform to collect and maintain accurate asset data; standardising manufacturer and product information and setting maintenance regimes and cost models against each product.

Condition Surveying

An intuitive platform for building and asset condition surveys

The Spire™ platform provides an intuitive process to quickly collect asset data including condition and lifecycle information, all in a standardised format. The system reduces time to collect data, increasing accuracy and providing real-time reports as data is audited. Surveying legacy or new buildings is made fast and simple with process and validation built in for efficiency and speed. Full FMR dashboards and reports can also be configured to exact requirements.

Planned, Preventative, Maintenance (PPM)

Setup, maintain, track and manage PPM across all locations

Setting up planned, preventative maintenance tasks against assets is made simple in the Spire™ platform by catagorising this against the manufacturer and product in the centralised product library. With the ability to integrate with SFG20 and CIBSE asset life expectancy details, maintenance routines can be set up and managed within the Spire™ platform. With a live dashboard view of periodic tickets and the ability to alert on tickets falling due or overdue, the platform helps maintain accurate data around PPM.

Service level Agreement Tracking

Vendor service level agreement management – task tracking

The Spire™ platform can be set up to report on PPM tickets and current status by contractor, type or any custom variable. Dashboards and reports can be easily configured for a quick view of tasks completed on time and overdue tasks and tickets.

With live ticket tracking and an audit trail confirming actions, the Spire™ platform allows for complete, accurate visibility at all times. Entries for date/time/user completion and the ability to allow photos and documents to be appended in the system means you have total control over all processes.

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