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Manage any asset across a wide range of industries with Spire™

With the ability to track, control and manage any type of asset across any industry, the intelligent Spire™ platform delivers a complete and reliable data asset management solution. Accurately track stock levels, get 360° oversight on buildings and locations and manage movement of critical assets at a glance. Built with user experience in mind and with a totally flexible approach, Spire™ is the next-gen solution for asset management worldwide.


Managing the wide variety of assets within the healthcare sector, Spire™ enables healthcare trusts to track, manage and control all assets delivering significant cost and efficiency savings, directly impacting patient care and CQC compliance. Track stock control, movement of critical assets, service, maintenance, calibration and cleaning cycles with a full audit trail for complete asset and financial management.


Get the ability to manage all assets across the finance sector, from property & building management – offices, branches, data centres and ATM locations. With no limitations of what assets can be managed and maintained, all assets contained within, including building infrastructure, furniture, IT equipment and stock control are all covered. Each department can be restricted to only see and manage assets under their control while still providing a “management top-down view” of all assets.


Education facilities have a vast diversity of assets that need to be tracked, managed, and reported on. With the increase of technology used in schools, colleges, and universities, the Spire™ platform provides a one-stop-shop to manage and report on all assets. From lab equipment to computers, desks to canteen equipment, the Spire™ platform allows you to track all assets, always, with ease. With intuitive smartphone apps for easy inventory and change management, keeping track of assets and accurate data has never been simpler.


Utilities require accurate data to plan, manage and control critical infrastructure supporting towns, cities and whole countries around the world. The Spire™ platform supports utility companies around the globe, providing accurate asset information and visibility into capacity and utilisation to help optimise and operationally manage facilities. Helping to drive efficiency and reduce cost by highlighting old, redundant devices, powered off kit and inefficient or legacy devices that could be swapped out for newer, more efficient technology, the Spire™ platform can be used by a variety of utility companies.

Relocation & Storage

When planning a move of any assets, be it furniture, IT or stock of any kind the most important element is having an accurate list of what you have and where it is. The Spire™ platform provides an intuitive process for asset inventory and discovery, and enables easy planning and live tracking of assets during a move. With the ability to not only track items in storage, but maintain stock control and give accurate visibility of all assets across all buildings, the Spire™ platform enables efficient management of everything in one centralised portal.

Property Management

Managing buildings and estates in the Spire™ platform allows a centralised, quick view of all your locations in one place. The system allows you to record vital information around ownership, lease terms, maintenance/condition, building types and use cases and centralise all your building certificates and documentation in one place for effortless access. The Spire™ platform can also be easily customised for all your data field requirements and personalised to meet your exact needs.