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Asset Management

The Spire™ platform provides a robust IT asset management solution for standardising data, providing full visibility and intuitive apps to collect and maintain accurate data for any asset. Core to the Spire™ platform is our user-definable product library that ensures data standards across all data fields are accurate and complete, with users defined in field validation. A centralised product library enables large volumes of the same product to be collected and maintained as individual assets, inheriting the core information – manufacturer, model, dimensions, weights, financial & servicing information - from the product information. Preventing human error and spelling mistakes ensures reporting is accurate from the get go.

Asset Management Solutions Made Simple

An asset management solution that offers easy asset data collection, inventory and asset tracking for any asset.

Whether you are managing furniture, laptops, fridges or fire extinguishers, the Spire™ platform provides a standardised, intuitive process for collecting and maintaining accurate inventory data. With ‘quick add’ functions for adding multiples of the same assets, the smartphone apps make initial audit and ongoing validation a breeze.

With user defined custom fields, you can collect, and manage the data that’s important to you, in the format you require. Conduct quick validation audits or annual inventory checks with our Light Touch feature. Apply barcodes or scan existing codes to reduce human error and increase efficiency with speedy data capture.

Asset Management Solutions - Stock Control

Live stock management with alerts

The Spire™ platform enables live stock control for all assets with a simple barcode check in/check out function to maintain stock levels quickly and easily. With GS1 compliant tagging, the software asset management solution can also generate automated low stock level alerts and provide visibility of stock that has a short shelf life remaining. Reporting can detail and show trends and spend on asset types over time to help with future budget planning.

Full visibility of what assets you have, where they are and how they are being utilised provides invaluable insight into departmental and specific asset spend.

Smartphone Inventory Apps

Simple process to standardise accurate data

The Spire™ smartphone apps quickly enables standardised, accurate data collection for any type of asset. Once a product is added to the platform, manufacturer and product information can be onboarded and becomes searchable and categorised as an asset. The baseline standardised product information needs only to be added once.

Adding custom fields to the product library is simple and adds significant benefits, like recording financial information – purchase price and replacement cost – or servicing/maintenance information. The data capabilities are unlimited and everything is administrable by your own admin user.

Remove Siloed Data

Connect data to prevent duplication and outdated siloed data

Our intelligent asset management system uk prevents siloed data across multiple departments. For example in the facilities industries, IT or procurement, the Spire™ platform is easily integrated with existing central management databases (CMDB’s) and change management systems to provide a centralised view of all assets, across all departments. Replication of data entry is prevented, helping drive standardisation and efficiency within your organisation. Easily connect all data to prevent duplication and outdated siloed data.

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