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Assetspire offers smart and workable solutions for your business; from accurate DCIM to full audit services.

With our expertise spanning the globe and years of experience behind us, we’re confident we can provide your business with intelligent and workable solutions to help you get the most from your assets.

Whether you need a complete and accurate audit service, a smart system to manage your properties or energy consumption, or support with meeting sustainability targets, Assetspire has the right solution for your business requirements.

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

Data Centres are complex environments that require accurate management to mitigate risk, manage capacity and help optimise performance. Having accurate visibility of all your data centre and facilities-based assets in one place, providing a true ‘digital twin’ ensures complete control of your critical data centre space.

Asset Management

The Spire™ platform provides a robust structure for standardising data, providing full visibility and intuitive apps to collect and maintain accurate data for any asset. Core to the Spire™ platform is our user-definable product library that ensures data standards across all data fields are accurate and complete, with users defined in field validation. A centralised product library enables large volumes of the same product to be collected and maintained as individual assets, inheriting the core information – manufacturer, model, dimensions, weights, financial & servicing information – from the product information. Preventing human error and spelling mistakes ensures reporting is accurate from the get go.

Energy Management

The Spire™ platform provides a perfect place to view your energy consumption, utility management and accurate visibility of this over time to project trends. By integrating the Spire™ platform with building management system (BMS), environmental monitoring solutions and any metered data that is available to collect, the Spire™ platform provides top down and granular level energy management.

Capacity Management

It sounds simple, but if you don’t know what assets you have, where they are and what their use is, how can you accurately manage your capacity? The Spire™ platform provides an efficient, intuitive process to collect and maintain accurate asset information, regardless of what the asset is. Once you have accurate asset information maintained within the solution, you immediately realise the benefits of visual reports and dynamic dashboards highlighting your current capacity utilisation versus just capacity. Whether you are managing utility capacity, space capacity or utilisation of assets, data can provide the critical details, enabling complete planning and management.


The need to address the climate crisis is well established. Adding to an already detailed body of climate research, the 2021 IPCC Report from the UN makes clear the critical need for immediate and drastic climate action and highlights the indisputable link between climate change and human activity. At Spire™ we take this seriously and work with our customers to provide accurate data around where they are today, to help build a plan for where they need to get to in the coming years.

Colocation Providers

Data Centre Infrastructure Management is critical for colocation providers enabling an accurate view of current and forecasted capacity. Providing a consolidated window into power, space, cooling, and connectivity utilisation enables accurate billing reports driven from real-time data. The added benefit of developing a ‘white labelled’ customer portal means complete access to manage their own capacity, remotely.

Audit Services

Since 2008 the Assetspire Data Centre Audit Service, delivered by our professional and experienced team, has audited more than 5 million assets across 20+ countries. Defining best practise standards, our audit service enables fast, accurate and live visibility of data as it’s collected by our teams. We provide precision auditing of floorplans, racks and floor mounted devices;CRAC units, PDU’s, plant and machinery; rack mounted devices both front and rear of racks and within rails; mounted devices, cards/blades and even power and network connectivity and port capacity.

Facilities Management

The Spire™ platform enables intuitive auditing, tracking and maintenance of buildings and mechanical, electrical andHVAC infrastructure. Gain complete visibility of cost to maintain, repair, replace building fabric and infrastructure in line with industry standards – SFG20 & CIBSE, indicative of economic life expectancy of assets. Capture a full audit trail of maintenance tasks and status with live tracking and the ability to integrate live monitoring of assets. Spire™ is a next-gen intuitive platform for facilities management.

Furniture & Fixed Assets

Whether you are managing furniture, laptops, fridges or fire extinguishers the Spire™ platform provides a standardised, intuitive process for collecting and maintaining accurate inventory data. With ‘quick add’ functions for adding multiple of the same assets, the smartphone apps make initial audit and ongoing validation a breeze. With user defined custom fields, you can collect and manage the data that’s important to you, in the format you require.

Property Management

Managing buildings and estates in the Spire™ platform allows a centralised, quick view of all your locations in one place. The system allows you to record vital information around ownership, lease terms, maintenance/condition, building types and use cases and centralise all your building certificates and documentation in one place for effortless access. The Spire™ platform can also be easily customised for all your data field requirements and personalised to meet your exact needs.