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Case Study

The Client

Our client was an emerging market mobile operator at the forefront of technological and digital changes. From their headquarters in Africa, they deliver a digital world experience to customers across Africa and the Middle East.

With over 232 million subscribers, they are the 8th largest mobile network operator in the world. Operating across 50 buildings in Africa with 2,249 workspaces and managing 155 data centre and technical spaces, 1000 facilities spaces and 2 trigeneration power plants.

The Issue

Previous experience with asset management had been very expensive with poor outcomes and results. The client’s system of six standalone platforms being used to track different types of asset, compliance and maintenance meant that spending was big and performance was poor. There was no cross-platform visibility.

Compliance reports took up to three weeks to generate, risking huge fines. Maintenance tracking was not taking place, leading to a fire that destroyed millions in infrastructure. Critical parts were not held in stock, despite few available worldwide at any given time.

Our Solution

As part of a two stage process, Assetspire provided the client with our intelligent Spire™ cloud platform solution to track and live-report on all their data centre infrastructure management and computer aided facilities management. We also audited 25,000 assets, which were verified using Assetspire’s own smart technology, and populated a further 96,579 assets in just six weeks.

Spire™ abolished the silo products by allowing all types of asset to be captured in one place, whether static, mobile moving or flowing. At the client’s headquarters, we were able to capture, monitor and live report on many different asset types; the data centres, buildings and contents, but also the on-site trigeneration power plants, critical parts and diesel tanks.

The Result

With complete confidence in the accuracy of the Spire™ platform, the client is now able to instantly see all the data they need and manage all assets, all in one place. They have the ability to generate reports to cover compliance needs in seconds, track any on site servicing on and ensure critical parts are being held in stock.

Our client is now able to create a unique product library, which includes 41,365 product types, 2,623 manufacturers and 413 unique categories. Assets are now standardised, resulting in higher levels of accuracy and faster entry.

Our intelligent and dynamic interface means reporting and real-time monitoring drives cost reduction opportunities and resource efficiency. Our client benefits from advantages such as knowing when to replace old or inefficient assets to save on power generation costs; awareness of whether current assets are working at maximum capacity and ensuring that everything is where it should be and operating correctly.

Phase Two sees Assetspire implementing the Spire™ platform across their entire enterprise, consisting of 32 locations across Africa and all assets, buildings, contents, maintenance and servicing.

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