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Our Story

For years, the asset management industry has harboured several big lies. Lies that were obvious to us but more difficult for our clients to spot.

In the early days, Assetspire was an asset audit service company. We saw that our clients were being frustrated by the poor asset management solutions available. There was also a degree of “snake oil” salesmanship that hindered our clients.

Inaccurate Data Capture Costing Enterprises Dearly

Businesses were grossly underestimating the value and number of their assets – by as much as 60%. Also, the issues of accurate data capture and the resulting increased costs and time were being side-stepped. This was because, from the software vendors’ perspective, it did not serve THEIR cause.

Our first decision was to not be part of the problem. So, we entered the world of software development. We wanted to be part of the solution so created our own solution for FAST and efficient capture of assets and all related data.

Limited Asset Control

The second big issue was that the “Asset Software Solutions” available were limited in their application. The solutions were designed for certain siloed industries or individual departments and specific asset types. The industry became awash with lists of complicated asset management acronyms to justify this niche focus.

As a response, in 2014, Assetspire developed a cloud platform solution – And “Spire™” was born.

Our mission was to address the real issues around asset management.

We created a solution that enabled fast and accurate capture of ANY asset ANYWHERE, for any type of company or department, in any way it was needed – “ALL Assets, Always…with Ease”

This mission proved to be inspiring for Assetspire; one that aligned our company and motivated our team. But this was not the end of the story. There was one final foundation stone needed before we could provide the ultimate enterprise solution.

The third big issue we knew we had to address was user adoption

Nobody needs a two-day training course to buy products from Amazon. The asset management solutions available were typically slow, hard to learn and difficult to keep up to date. We decided that our interface had to be fast, intuitive, flexible and even easier than using Amazon.

It took us four years, but in 2018 we achieved our goal.

Enter Spire™ - A highly intuitive, customisable asset control platform

We developed Spire™; a truly flexible enterprise solution that sits head and shoulders above all other asset management solutions. The uncomplicated interface enabled our clients to gain buy-in from their users because it was truly flexible and intuitive to use. Users were happy because it enabled them to do their jobs faster, more effectively – and, with ease. And our clients were delighted because they knew they had the full picture of ALL of their assets.

Our mission continues to be to address the real issues of asset control across all enterprises. We are passionate about asset control that drives greater value in our clients’ businesses.

Assetspire “ALL Assets: Always; With Ease”.

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