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The Next-Gen Solution for DCIM

We truly believe that the days of outdated and cumbersome Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) systems are numbered – and Assetspire have developed the next-gen answer.

Introducing Spire™ – an innovative, intelligent cloud-based platform solution, created from the best asset management capturing software available, hosted on a platform capable of universal asset control.

Intuitively engineered to ensure data is captured and maintained quickly and accurately, Spire™ serves as a central digital asset management solution across DCIM, CAFM and CMDB environments. The architecture of Spire™ is designed to work in parallel with any organisation’s structure, from top to bottom – in other words, it works for you.

Assetspire are the recognised experts in DCIM capture and management. Our intelligent and highly-configurable systems make it easy to intelligently run a 100% valid IT database. Our mission is to address the real issues around asset management – and provide intelligent solutions.

We’re confident enough in our platform to say that with the dawn of Spire™, traditional asset management systems are now obsolete.

Let us show you what Spire™ can do for your business.

How will SPIRE improve my asset management capabilities?

That’s an easy one: the highly-configurable Spire™ asset management platform enables fast and accurate capture of any data centre asset, while remaining dynamic and easy to use. Spire™ acts as a smart hub from which you gain complete control over your buildings, objects and assets, enabling you to connect with an unlimited number of real-time live data feeds.

With Spire™ you have a single overview of all your assets, wherever and whatever they are, throughout your entire enterprise, across all your locations. We know that separate silos for each individual asset class are now obsolete.

The system’s smart design means it’s quick and simple for users to keep on top of the flow of assets, whether they are incoming, outgoing or on the move. Built with user experience in mind and designed to be intuitive and no-nonsense, Spire™ gives you happy users and 100% accurate data.

What else can SPIRETM offer my business?

Accurate asset management - anytime, anywhere

Spire™’s intuitive and intelligent mobile companion app for live, on-site capture gives you complete control. Spire™ can be installed onto any number of mobile devices, enabling you to carry your asset data with you and review it from anywhere.

A system designed around your needs

Easily access information about your assets, wherever you are, from the Spire™ solution in the cloud. Our system is designed to be user friendly and easy to use.

A truly cost-effective solution

Other asset management companies charge per site or location, meaning the more assets you have, the higher your costs. With Spire™ you pay per user and can register unlimited assets, meaning your costs remain the same, no matter how many locations you have.

The sky’s the limit - as standard

Spire™ manages assets from the mundane to the obscure. We have managed trees, water, licences & power. However, in the unlikely event that you have an asset we have not already managed, Spire™ is designed to allow you to create your own unique tracking details.

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