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The need to address the climate crisis is well established. Adding to an already detailed body of climate research, the 2021 IPCC Report from the UN makes clear the critical need for immediate and drastic climate action and highlights the indisputable link between climate change and human activity. At Spire™ we take this seriously and work with our customers to provide accurate data around where they are today, to help build a plan for where they need to get to in the coming years. Sustainability cannot be achieved if we don’t have accurate data in the first place. We are dedicated to providing our customers with an intuitive, highly configurable platform that enables the most efficient way to collect and maintain accurate data to start measuring, planning and optimising for a more sustainable future.

Asset Lifecycle Management

From purchase to disposal and recycling > full lifecycle

The Spire™ platform enables managing assets from the moment they arrive at your location, right through to when they are sent away for recycling or reuse at end-of-life and everything in between. Managing the physical location of assets helps ensure all assets within your estate are being utilised and not sat on shelves in the stock room.

Preventing waste by managing assets and having clear visibility of what stock you have is a critical step in the sustainability process. The Spire™ platform can also help identify legacy equipment that may have been left powered on from old projects and not decommissioned. Removing legacy equipment or outdated and inefficient hardware all contributes to saving power and becoming more efficient overall.

Performance Management

Energy consumption, management and reduction.

We work with data centre owners and operators to manage and optimise energy consumption. Live data provides an accurate insight into power utilisation, where it is being consumed, and helps to optimise for maximum efficiency.

For many organisations using standard ‘power usage effectiveness’ (PUE) as a metric for efficiency, doesn’t provide a clear picture. The Spire™ platform can help increase visibility of power consumption, the workload efficiency of computing equipment and environmental cooling consumption to truly compare efficiency and optimisation of energy being consumed to compute output actually in use.

Smart Building Solutions

Smart hub for converging smart building solutions

With the rise in smart building solutions, covering everything from security, fire prevention, building management systems, building occupancy and environmental monitoring, the Spire™ platform helps converge this data and overlay it onto the building asset level data for a truly immersive experience.

Removing siloed data enables intelligence to be overlayed and reported on important, live metrics to enable operating and managing buildings with a smarter, more intuitive approach. With smart building occupancy sensors integrated, you can maintain things like lighting, cooling and other services only where buildings and locations are occupied, preventing waste.

Stock Control & Management

Check-in/out process for simplified stock control

The Spire™ platform has a unique check-in/check-out process that enables users to check assets out dynamically either to another location or to individual users. With a full audit trail date and time stamping when items are checked in/out, the platform provides visibility of all your assets.

Checking out a laptop or mobile phone to a new staff member? No problem. Check the asset out to the user and if required, request an online signature or condition photo that is time stamped within the audit trail for future reference.

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