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Furniture & Fixed Assets

Smartphone Inventory Apps

Simple process to standardise accurate data

The Spire™ smartphone apps quickly enables standardised, accurate data collection for any type of asset. Once a product is added to the platform, manufacturer and product information can be onboarded and becomes searchable and catagorised as an asset. The baseline standardised product information needs only to be added once.

Adding custom fields to the product library is simple and can add significant benefits, like recording financial information – purchase price and replacement costs or servicing and maintenance information. The data capabilities are unlimited and everything is administrable by your own admin user.

Reporting & Dashboarding

Accurate data collection = accurate reporting

Having accurate inventory data at your fingertips enables trusted, accurate, reporting. With the ability to easily create custom reports and then save these as templated reports per user, or as a global report that everyone can use, our report engine gives you complete control of building data reports to match your own requirements.

Want to export the data or take a snapshot for a report? No problem. Throughout the platform you can export to PDF, Excel or scalable vector graphic images

Stock Control & Management

Check-in/out process for simplified stock control

The Spire™ platform has a unique check-in/check-out process that enables users to check assets out dynamically, either to another location or to individual users. With a full audit trail date and time stamping when items are checked in/out, the platform provides full visibility of all your assets.

Checking out a laptop or mobile phone to a new staff member? Easy.Check the asset out to the user and, if required, request an online signature or condition photo that is also time stamped within the audit trail for future reference.

Financial Reporting & Alerts

Automated Reporting & Threshold Alerts

The Spire™ report engine can be set up for automated periodic reports, which are sent out by email to a user or group of users with a desired frequency. Save time manually running reports by automating this process, then never miss a month end or financial year end asset report again.

With our dynamic alerting, threshold alerts can be set up for numerous tasks including stock level management, ensuring alerts are sent out when stock falls beneath a set threshold. Critical spares and stock levels are maintained and completely monitored in the platform.

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