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Capacity Management

It sounds simple, but if you don’t know what assets you have, where they are and what their use is, how can you accurately manage your capacity? The Spire™ platform provides an efficient, intuitive process to collect and maintain accurate asset information, regardless of what the asset is. Once you have accurate asset information maintained within the solution, you immediately realise the benefits of visual reports and dynamic dashboards highlighting your current capacity utilisation versus just capacity. Whether you are managing utility capacity, space capacity or utilisation of assets, data can provide the critical details, enabling complete planning and management.

Real time data

Live, visual data

With the ability to integrate with unlimited live data solutions, the Spire™ platform provides a real-time view of your utilisation and capacity across vast estates. Want to see how much power you are using? What your actual capacity is and understand the risk or breaching your capacity? Spire™ platform can transform your abilities, with historical data views and current trends, meaning you can easily plan and manage your power capacity across all your locations.

A core strength of the Spire™platform is providing visual data, giving you metric data overlaid on floor plans, or mechanical & electrical infrastructure as a quick and easy way to interpret data and understand risk.

Threshold Alerts

Push notifications and email alerts

The Spire™ platform provides the functionality to set up automated alerts to users or groups of users for many different use cases. Having the flexibility to define multiple thresholds for alerts, ensures an escalation process is in place should multiple thresholds be breached, and no response or acknowledgement made.

Alerts can be asset stock level alerts, utility capacity breach alerts or servicing and maintenance alerts where scheduled maintenance has not been completed as per a defined date, time/schedule. Push notifications sent to the Spire™ IOS/Android app, enable users on the ground to receive critical alerts, as they happen, with the ability to tie this into the Spire™ ticketing for end to-end task tracking.

Full Lifecycle Asset & Building Management

Accurate Data enabling cost and efficiency savings

Managing building and critical infrastructure asset lifecycle is dependent on accurate asset data, providing a complete view of what buildings and assets you have; where they are, their age, their condition and when they were last maintained.

The Spire™ platform, with intuitive IOS/Android apps, provides an audit platform to collect and maintain accurate asset data; standardising manufacturer and product information and setting maintenance regimes and cost models against each product.

Service level Agreement Tracking

Vendor service level agreement management – resource capacity

The Spire™ platform can be set up to report on PPM tickets and current status by contractor, type or any other custom variable, enabling dashboards and reports to be configured for a quick view of tasks completed and overdue tasks and tickets.

With live ticket tracking and an audit trail confirming actions, date/time/user completions and the ability to append photos and documents to the Spire™ platform for complete, accurate visibility. Understand your current resource capacity, volume of tasks completed by trade or asset type, enabling planning of future resource requirements.

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