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Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

Data Centres are complex environments that require accurate management to mitigate risk, manage capacity and help optimise performance. Choosing the right Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) tool will not only help you to manage all of the vital components that go towards making up your data centre’s physical infrastructure, but it will also help you work smarter, plan more efficiently, save money and prevent dreaded downtime.

DCIM Software is the Change

What is DCIM? DCIM – Data Centre Infrastructure Management Software. DCIM software gives you the ability to transform the way you run your data centre operations, improve data centre infrastructure design and even future-proof infrastructure design. For data centre managers who have previously been relying on limited systems such as Excel and legacy internal databases, DCIM software represents a new opportunity to maximise control and visibility of your critical data centre space.

Assetspire is the Future of DCIM

Assetspire’s solutions and services are designed and built from decades of experience working with some of the largest enterprises around the globe. Our market-leading software solutions empower businesses to take control of every aspect of a data centre, with complete visibility and constructive insights you need to make more intelligent strategic decisions and more effectively manage every asset.

Is Your DCIM Software Still Stuck in the Past?

Traditionally, DCIM provided data centre managers with on-premises solutions – allowing them to monitor and manage capacity, change and to some extent, assets. However, old-style data centre infrastructure management software quickly began to exhibit some serious limitations in real-world application.

Recovery times were limited to staff ability to respond on the ground when more often than not, downtime is already in progress and situations escalate.

Time and money are quickly wasted when data centre staff don’t have full visibility of all assets and can react, and solve, downtime disasters rapidly. The longer systems are offline, the more problems that are created further down the line.

With ever increasing demands for data from both businesses and consumers, traditional DCIM systems simply cannot cope. Now is the time to start future-planning.

Common Problems With Traditional DCIM

Siloed Data Limits Your Data

Data is siloed and features are segmented so there is no overall view of assets or operations – there is also limited scope for expansion or wider implementation.

Unsatisfactory UX

Hard to use systems mean unsatisfactory performance and unfriendly UX – systems are harder to integrate throughout existing structures and roll out is stunted or delayed.

Limited Capacity and Capabilities

There is reduced capability for expansion and scaling to meet current and future demand.

Inaccurate Systems Slow Your Business

Systems are inaccurate, interfaces are problematic, clunky and hard to use and often built with outdated software and technology with slow performance times.

Next-Gen DCIM Software Changes Everything

What is Next-Gen DCIM?

Next-gen DCIM delivers all the basic components of traditional solutions, but addresses many of the pain points that companies experience with traditional software. It also provides specific features and evolutions that help data centre managers make more informed decisions with better visibility and more accurate data.

Cloud-based DCIM Tool for Expanded Functionality

Assetspire’s next generation software can also work as a cloud-based DCIM software, meaning that it can deliver expanded functionality that isn’t on premises. Easy to deploy, combined with seamless integration and automated updates means it can resolve a lot of issues experienced with traditional DCIM.

Superior Operations Monitoring

Monitoring and operations are transformed, with automated alerts meaning data centre managers are able to act fast, pinpointing and solving issues before they grow into disasters.

Risk Management Transformed

Risks are identified rapidly, accelerating response times and with enhanced capabilities, next-gen DCIM delivers almost prescient powers to predict outages before they happen.

How Can a Next-Gen DCIM Tool Solve Your Data Centre Challenges?

With superior data handling and management capabilities, combined with smart application and dynamic dashboard panels, next-generation DCIM hands you back complete control over your data centre space.

Whether you need to meet net-zero sustainability targets or effectively manage changes, this new era of DCIM is the future of data centre and asset management.

Enhanced Asset Management

Capacity and Capabilities Handling

Total Control over Moves, Adds and Change

Energy & Environment Management

KPI & Target Planning

Clear visibility over data and assets

Easy UX and roll out throughout your organisation

Remove Siloed Data

Connect data to prevent duplication and outdated siloed data
Our intelligent solution prevents siloed data across multiple departments. For Example, in the facilities industries, IT or procurement, the Spire™ platform is easily integrated with existing central management databases (CMDB’s) and change management systems to provide a centralised view of all assets, across all departments. Replication of data entry is prevented, helping drive standardisation and efficiency within your organisation.

Next-Generation DCIM is Your Secret Weapon for Meeting Your Sustainability Targets

Data Centres are continuing to grow in size and complexity and traditional methods of data collection and monitoring are quickly proving inadequate.

With the era of ‘big data’ upon us, data demands are only going to continue to skyrocket. Data centres will face increased processing power requirements and need to pull in ever more resources across the board.

Increasing Scrutiny Over Sustainability in the Race to Net-Zero

With data centres representing a sizable chunk of the world’s power consumption, new focus and efforts are being made to reduce the global impact of data consumption. The industry is grappling with how to achieve this expansion sustainably under increasing scrutiny from regulators and customers alike.

The Solution

A next-gen DCIM software solution like Assetspire’s 3DCIM solution provides an obvious answer to these common issues. With a more accurate ‘whole-world’ view of your entire data centre space and assets, you have control over energy efficiencies, your energy budgets and future optimisation.

Optimise Operations for Reduced Costs

Every business owner has felt the pain of increasing operational costs, and data centre businesses are at the heart of this, especially when it comes to rising energy costs.

By truly optimising your data centre space through efficiency-driving smart software such as Spire or 3DCIM, gaining a holistic view over all your operations, you can:

Reduce Energy Costs

Increase Capacity for Growth

Reduce Operating Overheads

Improve Power Use

Fully Utilise Existing Equipment

Stop Wasting Power and Start Your Assets Working Hard for You

The right DCIM solution can save you money, reduce energy costs and transform your budget firepower

You’re wasting power – right now. Every data centre is. But we can help you stop! Underused, or even completely idle servers are just wasting energy and devouring your budget.

How? By having accurate data at your fingertips. When you know exactly what, where and when your servers and racks are running and when they’re actually needed, you can realistically consider running a power cycling programme across your facility to conserve energy.

Innovative software that enables you to create a true digital twin hands back control of your energy usage in a simple and time efficient way. Assetspire and Ekkosense’s 3DCIM solution means that locating and rectifying idle servers is simple. Being able to gain immediate visibility of all your enterprise assets, including those idle servers, and get true, real-time operational insights into the heart of your data centre is invaluable in the fight against inefficiency.

Creating a True Digital Twin

Remotely Manage Global Estate

With our fully customisable homepage, users can have a custom window into a global, regional or local view, enabling instant visibility of the data critical to them. Track and manage capacity and utilisation across facilities, ensuring efficiency and reducing risk.

Prevent the need for on-site surveys and enable desk based capacity planning, optimising your environments from anywhere with a connection.

Fast Deployment – Cloud or On-Premise

Deployed for speed, accuracy and reliability

The Spire™ platform is deployed to meet your specific requirements. On-premise installation or through a public or private cloud offering, all in a geographical location that you can dictate.

Multi-factor authentication can be deployed for added security and role based, granular permissions allows an internal administrator to set group permissions that include views of assets by type or department.

Accuracy is Everything

You can’t plan, manage or control what you have no accurate visibility of…

Starting with the foundation – your physical assets – the Spire™ platform provides an intuitive asset inventory solution with the ability to collect and maintain accurate data using dedicated inventory apps.

With over 12 years of data centre auditing experience and more than 5 million data centre assets audited globally, we have embedded our audit solution into our core platform to provide the most intuitive data centre inventory solution in the industry.

Rapid, Accurate Data Capture

Intuitively engineered to ensure data is captured and maintained quickly and accurately, Spire™ serves as a central digital asset management solution across DCIM, CAFM and CMDB environments. The architecture of Spire™ is designed to work in parallel with any organisation’s structure, from top to bottom – in other words, it works for you.

We’re confident enough in our platform to say that with the dawn of Spire™, traditional asset management systems are now obsolete.

Make Your Business Invincible in the Face of Downtime and Disaster With Always Accurate Data

We know that downtime in a data centre is inevitable and recovery is often painful – but having the ability to recover fast when disaster strikes is absolutely key to disaster limitation.

The right DCIM implementation allows managers to optimise data centre operations, prevent risk and unplanned downtime, and also free up resources.

In a post COVID-19 era where businesses, including data centre spaces, have seen an increase in remote working and operations, new challenges surrounding managing risk have arisen. With operatives often now off-site, the complex and distributed nature of today’s data centres, colocation sites and edge sites heightens the need for a systematic approach to data and asset management.

Only by knowing precisely how all your assets are performing and being able to pinpoint issues the moment they occur can you effectively manage downtime risk, and more importantly, bounce back from downtime disasters.

To quickly recover from any incident, it is vital that you have accurate and real time data at your fingertips.

Our software solutions also provide complete accountability. Not only do you have all the data you need at a glance for real-time day to day operations, but you also are equipped with an accurate depth of data within to give you true accountability.

Assetspire are Disrupting the Traditional Data Center Infrastructure Management Market - It’s Time for Change

It’s time for data centre managers to have 100% control over their data centre space.

Our pioneering vision for DCIM software means that we have developed a genuinely game-disrupting software that is revolutionising the way businesses use next-generation DCIM. Our solutions are not just next-generation, they’re future-generation.

With years of experience in the field, we understand how crucially important having a DICM solution that actually works for your business is for not only the day-to-day running of your company today, but the potential of your business tomorrow.

Assetspire’s software solutions offer full flexibility, full integration with your existing systems and on-point, fully accurate data when and wherever you need it.

This isn’t DCIM software – this is DCIM software that works.

Don’t just take our word for it – speak to us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is traditional DCIM software?
Traditional DCIM software offers an on-premises only solution that monitors, measures, partly manages and partially controls resources and energy consumption. Data centre managers can be restricted by traditional DCIM that does not offer a full, real-time overview of all assets as well as unfriendly UX, inaccurate systems, siloed data and limited capacities, which is why we greated an optimised, next-gen 3DCIM.
What are the main components of DCIM software?
DCIM software consists of asset management, capacity & capabilities handling, control over moves, adds and changes, energy & environment management, KPI & target planning, full visibility over assets and data, user-friendly and easy UX.
How data centre management software can help you?
If you’re looking to fully optimise your data centre, Assetspire’s next-gen DCIM is for you. It can transform and future-proof your data centre, helping you to work smarter, manage vital components, save energy and, most beneficially, save money! Assetspire’s DCIM software represents a new opportunity to effectively maximise control and visibility of your critical data centre space.

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